Ben Stiekema

Living his early 20s in the corporate and sales world, Ben understands the stress of the daily humdrum. He prides himself on having a thorough knowledge of various sporting disciplines to suit any client’s goals.

Ben is passionate about nutrition and helping others succeed in their journey to be a fitter, healthier and stronger version of themselves long into the future.


Ben is a qualified fitness professional who concentrates on providing each client with a tailored approach to their fitness goals. Specialising in body recomposition, weight loss, toning and providing sport specific nutritional advice, he prides himself on providing a personalised and passionate service to all of his clients.


In order to tailor an exercise and nutritional program central to our clients’ aims, we require each individual to complete an initial fitness assessment.
Whether the priority be hypertrophy gains, fat loss or simply an improvement in physical fitness, each program is devised on an individual basis.


Based on this fitness assessment, we consider a client’s strengths, weaknesses and any personal limitations, personal preferences, and medical considerations that may be applicable.
This allows us to provide each client with the most effective and safe program to achieve their desired results.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for”