Personal training offerings are one-on-one sessions that provide the opportunity to work with our elite fitness team to manifest exactly the fitness goals you desire.

These sessions are tailored specifically for you and your body type. Our trainers will customise a training program to sculpt, shred and strengthen your physique.
You’ll also receive weekly nutrition guidance, weekly program updates and support outside of the gym via social feeds and the ComFit App.


The problem with most diet or fitness plans is that they ignore the root cause, which is habit…

Working closely with clients programmes are tailored to the individual.
No cookie cutter routines.

In our sessions together, we will create specific strategies to help you overcome food temptation triggers, identify obstacles, set realistic goals, establish rewards and coach you through mindset for long-term wellness success.

The body is made in the kitchen but designed in the gym!


We believe that your metabolism is the engine of the body and food is the fuel.

As we REBOOT and RENEW your engine with your customised nutrition narrative, we will also RELEASE what no longer serves you. Our objective is to optimise your metabolism to actively burn fat and build lean muscle.
Our intention is to give you the tools and support you need to create sustainable results. This is not a diet, or a trend, this is a lifestyle

Trust your gut, it’s a lot smarter than you think.