Meditation Apps – Our Favourites

Our top meditation spot – Cebu, Phillipines

In this uncertain time, there has been many feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed.
Unusually it is not being caused by having too much to do and not enough time to fit everything in.
The increase in time for ourselves has increased the levels of stress and anxiety (cortisol) amongst all of us because it is so unusual.
Learning to do more things for yourself and focus on things like baking, personal development or exercise has something we have all been asking for, for so long – so… why cant we use it effectively?

Something that has helped us significantly – you can probably guess…


For a Nurse and a Personal Trainer, sitting still is not something we often do and personally we underestimates the power of sitting alone with your thoughts. It was never something we put value on, or made time for.

The internet is flooded with so much information regarding meditation and for a first time experience this can also add to the overwhelming feelings or make the situation end up in your ‘too hard basket’. Something that provided a lot of education and opportunities were the different apps available to use and try, making it more portable and more efficient.

So over the last 8-10 weeks we have been trying out many of the apps available on the App Store to bring you a brief explanation and our opinion on which ones we think you should try.


This app has so many cool and interesting ways to try meditation and kundalini yoga.
This app would be for someone who is not yet sure of the way they would like to practice their mindfulness regularly.
It offers relaxation colouring, mindful games and detailed yoga, meditation and sound experiences.
Adding to this, is the option to complete 10 day courses to really build your understanding and experience.
There is a free 1 week trial before you are required to pay a subscription.

Calm – Meditation and Sleep

Mindfulness, meditation and education all in very simple and easy to use app. This app has an option to start a free trial for 7 days and access over 100 programs before an annual fee of $79.99

The standout of this app was the sleep options. With stories, guided sleep meditations and sounds, there is something new for you to try every night to ensure a deeper and more effective sleep.

From experience this app is great for beginners with the user face and ability to find many different alternatives, however I think the annual fee is quite a large commitment if this is something new you are trying.

Waking Up Sam Harris

This is a lesson based app on teaching mediation at its simplest form.
When we first started with meditation, this app was useful to start with basics like, singling out simple sounds in your environment and the most simple ways to use your breathe to control the meditation.
There are also lessons provided within the trial on the history of meditation and why the practice is so effective.
Looking back at the use of this app, we have taken many tips and tricks from the first 6 lessons into other forms of meditation, making it essential for any new timers.

The first 6 lessons are provided as part of the trial before an annual fee of $139

Smiling Mind

This is the #1 mindfulness app in Australia. It has combined training, tools and different resources for professionals (calling out all teachers – for use within the classroom) to ensure mindfulness is something that can be quickly practiced regularly.
The app is free and breaks down the mindful practices based on situation, issues and time frames.
One unique feature for this app was the use of moving meditations that can be used on a daily commute or when getting your steps in for the day. There are also specific programs for healthcare workers and for relationships so it really can be applied to any situation.

The app is free and is number 2 on our list of favourites.

Insight Timer

Wow this has to be our favourite app by a long shot.
Although the app is not completely free (annually cost of $88.99), the mediations available without paying a cent (no restricted time frame for free use) is unbelievable.
This app is unique by including mediations and education from top neuroscientists and experienced practitioners.
The uniqueness of this app allows for anyone, at any stage of their journey to jump in and feel as though they can pick a quality mediation for any feelings that may arise.
They break down a search’s to ensure you can find exactly what you are looking for.
The length of time, guided or simple music and courses are all specifics you can apply when looking for the perfect audio.
Give this app a go and let us know how you find it!


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