How To Take 100% Ownership Of Your Life

OWN YOUR POWER! So you want success? Success in your life, success in your business, success in your relationships? Financial Success? Taking 100% ownership of every aspect of your life is the secret to that success. Most people spend their time denying their mistakes, bemoaning their circumstances, and giving excuses for their lack of results. Most people [...]


Many people struggle with boredom eating or eating to pass the time — even if they’re not truly hungry (1, 2). In fact, boredom eating, and other forms of emotional eating may contribute to excess weight gain (1 ). This article explains how to tell whether you’re hungry or bored, offers a guide to hunger triggers, [...]

Choc Tim Tams

Refined Sugar free, (Can be made dairy and gluten free) this recipe was inspired from the King of creative recipes – Macro Mike. Using his powdered peanut butter, these Tim Tams are so delicious and light – so hard to just stop at 1. Ingredients Biscuit Component1 cup flour (can be gluten free if required)2 [...]

Tracking Your Sleep

No doubt you have seen and heard of people tracking their sleep, ensuring they’re getting enough REM throughout the night to recover appropriately from their training. So why is this so important?Other than the term ‘rest and digest’ which is specifically our parasympathetic nervous system taking over, getting enough sleep allows for our body to [...]

Meditation Apps – Our Favourites

Our top meditation spot - Cebu, Phillipines In this uncertain time, there has been many feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed.Unusually it is not being caused by having too much to do and not enough time to fit everything in.The increase in time for ourselves has increased the levels of stress and anxiety (cortisol) amongst [...]

Creating Good Habits

A habit can be defined as a repetitive motion that over time and with the use of contextual cues (similar environments or actions), reduces the requirements for conscious attention or motivation. This can vary to the way you get in the car or to the routine you have before getting into bed. Most are done [...]

Almond Chocolate Chunk Cookies

If we could describe these cookies in one word, it would be delectable. It was hard to not eat the whole plate once these were pulled out of the oven.It is quite a versatile recipe and can be made vegan/dairy free with some simple swaps. Egg – Swap with 1Tbsp of Chia seeds soaked in [...]

Choc Butter Bean Brownies

Isolation (due to Covid 19) has allowed for new experimentation when it comes to food.I would never think to introduce kidney beans into a sweet treat but these brownies have completely changed my view. They are ‘fudgey’ just like the real ones – except these have way more fibre and a whole lot less sugar. [...]